Friday, August 2, 2013


     After spending a lot of time on the fashion blogs and magazines, I finally thought of starting my own blog. I would love to share my taste in fashion. With summer here, what would be a better post than the overalls.

     Bored of wearing the normal tee shorts or jeans? Go for an overall look. It is not only comfortable but also very stylish. Here are some of the ways in which you can wear overall.

                   Add a colorful coat with your overall and stilettos for the elegant look.

                  Pairing crop top and a shirt gives a grungy look.

                    Mix it up with different patterns; polka dot and stripes, plus a bright bag.

                            Go for a leather overall paired with crop top and heels.

                               Going the short way, pair with a biker jacket and converse.

   pics: pinterest


  1. Congratulations for putting up a blog! These are great style, i am still holding back though, I'm petite but I'm still thinking of trying it.